We are nearing the day when no one forgets, unless they want to.

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Flora Westbrook / Pexels

Did you forget anything recently?

Your keys maybe. Or someone’s name.

You’re in good company. A typical person forgets about 4 things a day. Most are minor lapses but then there are the big ones: a third of us have forgotten a partner’s birthday, and 1 in 5 Dads has forgotten to pick up the kids from school.

A couple years ago, I experienced one of the big ones. I forgot to call my Dad on his birthday. We live in different countries so that call is really important. He expected me to call. And I didn’t. …

For 10,000 years we’ve been changing the world for this guy, now we’re starting to change it back

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Jan Kpetsier / Pexels

An alien spaceship enters the solar system and heads for Earth. The captain hushes the excited crew and turns to the science officer.


“Good news, captain, we’re picking up signs of life, and long-range scans indicate the planet has been transformed by one lifeform in particular.”

“Excellent. Make contact.”

A short time later, a cow grazing a field somewhere in Iowa lifts its head to see a small drone dancing in the air and squawking gibberish.

It’s a silly little story, but it reveals a fundamental truth about our world.

A visitor arriving here for the first time would see that 1/3 of the land on our planet is not occupied by people — but by livestock. …

The president’s lawyer is suggesting Smartmatic’s software undermined the US election. Is she right?

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If you’re keeping up with the firehose of news and rumors coming out of the election, you may have heard President Trump’s lead lawyer Sydney Powell mention a whistleblower from Smartmatic.

Smartmatic is an election software company founded by three Venezuelans with ties to Hugo Chavez. They later sold a business to Dominion Voting Systems which, as you know, supplied ballot counting machines to some battleground states.

So what’s the whistleblower saying that has people in a tizzy?

Allegedly, the software now being used by Dominion in the US is descended from the same software that Smartmatic used to handle elections for Chavez in Venezuela. In other words, it’s highly suspect and hackable. …

It’s chaos and Pennsylvania is ground zero, but if you’re wondering how we got here, you need to follow the money

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just ruled against a lawsuit by President Trump that alleged his observers were blocked from observing the ballot count.

All five Democrat justices decided against him, while the two Republican justices dissented from the majority.

Okay, are you ready to go down a rabbit hole?

Three of the Democrat justices were elected in 2015 in a campaign that set a national record for spending in a Supreme Court race. The three — Kevin Dougherty, David Wecht and Christine Donahue — raised $3.98 million, $2.88 million and $1.95 million respectively.

The closest Republican candidate raised $984,000.

So why did the Pennsylvania supreme court election in 2015 end up setting a record for money spent? …

Two years ago, they were acquired in part by a US private equity firm with close ties to the Democrat Party

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If you dropped by yesterday, you will know I became curious about all the talk of Dominion Voting Systems, the company hired to tally votes in some of the country’s most hotly contested states.

So in the story yesterday, I looked at Dominion’s connections to another election software company called Smartmatic, whose US branch is run by Peter Neffenger, a member of Joe Biden’s transition team.

Today I want to look at who owns Dominion now.

In 2018, Dominion was acquired by its management and Staple Street Capital, a New York-based private equity firm. …

I don’t have the answer, but I’ve looked into it so you don’t have to. Here’s what I found.

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Element5digital / Unsplash

I can’t keep track of all the news and speculation swirling around the US election. The most bizarre stories seem to revolve around a company called Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian company that was given contracts to tally ballots in several hotly contested states.

So I decided to put on my old journalist’s cap (I used to work at Bloomberg and other news organizations in Europe, North America and Asia before becoming a product designer).

The following is what I discovered after several hours of Googling the far-flung corners of the Internet.

  • Trump lawyer Sydney Powell has made several cryptic comments about the role of Dominion and another company called Smartmatic, suggesting that they had a role in changing ballot counts. You may know Powell as the lawyer for former NSA advisor Michael Flynn. …

A stranger arrives with the truth about our past, and a warning for what lies ahead

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The black torus dropped out of hyperspace into the emptiness beyond Saturn and imediately started scanning the solar system. The ultrawave flickered over the gas giants and their icy moons before moving quickly inward to the rock worlds and finally to the water planet, where it paused.

Back on the torus, a small bubble emerged from its surface and kept growing until it formed a perfect black sphere which then detached and moved away. …

We were promised 10 million self-driving cars by the end of this year. Guess what happened?

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StockSnap by Pixabay

We’re nearing the end of 2020 and all those fully automated self-driving cars promised by Toyota, Nissan and Elon Musk are finally here.

According to Business Insider, you should have already seen some of the 10 million automated cars on American roads today.

What, you haven’t seen any? That’s strange, let me check how many are actually out there.

Okay, here it is. The exact number of fully automated vehicles on the road today is:


That’s right, despite all the rosy predictions from the car companies and media, we will end the year without a single fully automated vehicle.

We did get kind of close. …

SpaceX has overtaken the world’s biggest airlines, and it’s just the beginning

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Something interesting happened on our way to space.

The rocket company SpaceX quietly became more valuable than the five biggest airlines in the world, combined.

SpaceX is now valued at $46 billion while the total market capitalization of Delta, American, Lufthansa, United and Air France is just $42 billion.

The airlines blame the pandemic and say this is temporary. But the shift to remote work isn’t temporary. Nor are the rockets that can take us anywhere in the world in a fraction of the time that it takes an airplane.

Travel has changed forever.

Here are the 4 reasons why the rocket is replacing the plane. …

I thought running was more popular than ever, but the numbers don’t lie. We’re older, slower, and giving up on races.

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credit: Craig Brett

I love everything about running — the searching for new routes on Google Earth; the cool, quiet mornings just before sunrise; even the shattered exhaustion a long way from the end because that’s when the world finally disappears and all you see is the trail.

And it looks like the world agrees.

Races are sold out months ahead of time and it seems like people are jogging on the spot at every third traffic light.

Just the other morning at my favorite local hill, dozens of trail runners were impatiently waiting to enter the trail.

What was the problem? Park wardens were enforcing social distancing and only letting a few runners in at a time. …


Craig Brett

Writer and product designer. I’m also on Substack: https://craigbrett.substack.com/

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